Knowledge. The gift that keeps re-giving. 2017.


The battle of overcoming what you are instead of what other people think you should be. 2017.

Deep, 2018

Look Up

Gras, 2018

Heavy Blocks
When life weighs heavy. 2017.

Seed, 2018

There's never one when you need it. 2017.

Sometimes they are madder than matter. 2017.

Dawn, 2017

Boomer, 2017

Birds and Bull
Birds & the Bull, 2018

Self Control
Mind versus everything else. 2017.

Based on a dream I have sometimes where, lets say I'm locked in physical conflict. When I try to fight back, my limbs and body feel so heavy that I'm forced to move in slow motion. For me, I found it was a sign of anxiety and sometimes when my feet get twisted in the sheets too tight.


You made to the about section! Welcome to my site. I hope you were looking for images of art and not of animals rolling in a stack of hundreds. My name is Oleg Kolbasov and Animal Money is my dark exploration into the undertones of the human psyche.

I start by fiddling with a pencil until something makes sense and then I scan the finished piece so that I can color digitally. Often times, I don’t have a clear idea of the drawing’s full construct until I get to a roadblock and am forced to go with my gut. It might even take me several weeks after that to really figure out what I was trying to say.

I’m open for commission and down to rattle on about art for hours so please use the form below to get in touch with me. Have a wonderful time reading to the end of this sentence.

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